Church Council of Greater Seattle

More than 90 years ago, representatives from 62 congregations gathered in downtown Seattle to form an organization that eventually became known as the Church Council of Greater Seattle. Over the years the Council has embraced all major Christian denominations and many interfaith partners.

It has also developed a distinctly activist character in keeping with the Pacific Northwest’s pioneering spirit and the Christian call for compassion.

Today, the Church Council represents more than 340 churches and 15 denominations as well as thousands of individuals united by the belief that we can work together to promote justice and increase compassion in our community

Social Justice Ministries of the Church Council of Greater Seattle educates, advocates, and organizes with member congregations and develops partnerships with other faith communities and community organizations to help create conditions for social, economic and racial justice in Martin Luther King, Jr. County, the State, the nation, and the world.  We bring a distinct moral and faith voice to issues of our time, drawing on the Gospel values of justice, peace, reconciliation and love.

Our work focuses on five main overlapping areas:

  • Homelessness and Housing
  • Peace, Justice, and Human Rights
  • Confronting Poverty / Worker Justice
  • Racial Justice / Immigrant Justice
  • Care of Creation / Environmental Justice

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