Interfaith Association of NW Washington

Interfaith Association of Northwest Washington’s mission is to provide housing and programs that address the needs of homeless and low-income families and increase united action among faith groups and the community. 

Interfaith has its roots in 1984 within the North Snohomish County Council of Churches.  Since its inception the focus has been family homelessness.  To acknowledge the faith diversity in Snohomish County, the move was made to become The Interfaith Association in the early 1990’s.  Over the years though our focus has been the same the services and programs have changed and adapted.

Our mission is borne out through The Family Shelter which is a shelter for one and two parent homeless families who are pregnant and/or have children birth – 17 years of age including adolescent boys.  Single fathers with children are also welcome.  Families reside at the shelter for up to four months while working with case managers to address challenges, find secure affordable housing, and move forward on their journeys to stability. Interfaith Housing Partnership is a program serving families who have lived at our shelter, have income from employment yet need partial rent subsidy and continuing case management. Families can participate in this program for up to 3 years while the rent subsidy is gradually reduced.

Interfaith regularly works with Snohomish County faith groups to increase understanding and be of service. Interfaith is pleased to collaborate with the Faith and Family Homeless Project.

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