All Saints Catholic Church Puyallup

All Saints Parish is an evangelizing Roman Catholic parish community that honors and celebrates the risen Jesus Christ in each of us.

Located in Downtown Puyallup two blocks north of the Western Washington Fairgrounds, All Saints Parish has been celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus since 1899. We are a diverse community made up of over 2,000 families.  Just a few of our parish ministries include a pre-K through 8th grade parochial school, delivery food bank and other active social outreach ministries, a year-round Rite of Christian Initiation program, the All Saints Theatrical Repertoire Association, and faith formation programs designed for the youngest child and up to the most seasoned adult in our community.  We are an active, thriving community that grows each year.  We invite you to join us; all are welcome!

All Saints Parish is full of generous people who are passionate about serving the poor and living the gospel through outreach. Participating in Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry’s Faith and Family Homelessness Project will help our parishioners move from a charity model to a true understanding of social problems, the meaning of social justice, and the part we can play in ending poverty and homelessness.

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