Masjid Al-Karim Seattle

About Masjid Al-Karim

The mosque and center provides food, clothing, after school tutoring, citizenship and naturalization test preparation, individual psychological evaluations, family counseling, faith education, emergency financial support; i.e., burial, housing, food, clothing, and referrals as needed to  Muslims, non Muslims,  refugees, and immigrants.

We partner with other mosques, synagogues and Christian organizations in collaborative work that will benefit the whole of mankind. Our aim is to develop and bond relationships amongst Muslim and non Muslims, ensure peace and justice for all, develop understandings of Islam, our commonalities with other faith communities, the values and benefits of diversity, and collaborate in ways to improve our communities and future society.

Imam Mohamed Sheikh Hassan

Imam Mohamed Sheikh Hassan

The project would help us by offering training in the value, benefits and power of collaboration. It would help us help homeless and others at risk of homelessness understand how, where, when opportunity exist for them to offer input to social, political, and governmental agencies and groups It would also help us in assisting people understand the need for interacting with others to develop, gain and retain key relationships, and how advocating for themselves and other persons who are homeless or at risk for becoming homeless can make a difference.  As well it will be beneficial in demonstrating and encouraging participants in developing public speaking skills, and how utilization of those learned skills help to improve their lives and futures

The project would help enable enhancing the strength of our faith relationships amongst the myriad of Muslim communities and cultures located within Seattle. Our aim is to provide opportunities for different people of different cultures to come together, break bread, and share their stories with each others so we better know one another.  We also believe the project would broaden our education program by offering public awareness of Islam to improve and promote peace amongst Muslims and non Muslims.

Our community work would be enhanced as we seek and encourage others to partner with us, collaborate and support each others community activities which offer possibilities for ensuring a better future and society for all. As well our work in the community would be enhanced by learning about others and participating more with new found networks, local organizations, neighborhood  business chambers, community councils, and other varied groups both Muslim and non Muslim.

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