Peoples Institutional Baptist Church Seattle

About Peoples Institutional Baptist Church

Our faith community will be living out our faith through action. We will be seen as a light in this community, a resource and advocate for ending family homelessness.

Our membership is made up of mostly seniors, very low-income and low-income unemployed people, families and their children and grand children, some living on fixed incomes; and may not have stable living arrangements. We estimate some extended family members can be considered homeless and in need of permanent affordable housing. Estimate 60% of this faith community is living in poverty and struggling with basic needs (food, utility, and rent).

Pastor Davenport and Rev. David Bloom

Pastor Davenport and Rev. David Bloom

This project will offer us an opportunity to build upon our current work in the community and impact even more families — helping to understand and end homelessness through access to education, jobs, housing and meeting basic needs. We too value faith, family and action

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