Temple Beth Or Everett






Temple Beth Or (“House of Light”) was organized by several Snohomish County families in 1985 as a cornerstone Reform congregation. Our warm, compassionate, vibrant, spirited, inclusive, and participatory Reform Jewish community is religiously and geographically diverse, serving Washington’s northern Puget Sound. Even as our membership continues to grow, the size of the Congregation remains small enough to allow for personal and meaningful involvement in religious, educational and social activities. We encourage our members to participate in all facets of Temple life.

The vast majority of our congregants have a family history and culture that emphasizes social consciousness, commitment and dedication to helping and caring for disadvantaged people, our own and those of the greater community. Many members of our congregation volunteer and actively participate in interfaith organizations and groups that aid the disadvantaged.  As a congregation, we support the Interfaith Association of Northwest Washington and a number of our congregants are involved with Housing Hope. We have conducted volunteer days for cleaning and maintenance for both organizations. . Our congregation is looking to identify other faith communities with whom we can join efforts to make a difference. 

 We are very disturbed by decreasing political support for successful programs that provide aid to individuals and families in need. We realize that to make a real and meaningful impact we need to join with other, like-minded, faith communities to expand our resources, energize our members and enable our congregants and those of our partners to make a difference.  Our efforts must provide immediate relief for those who are now desperate and build a motivated base able to influence our elected officials and the political process to meet our societal obligations to provide an effective and responsible safety net for citizens who fall on hard times. We believe that participation in this project will give us the knowledge and tools necessary to organize and energize our congregants. We are certain that this process will enable us to grow closer together and be more effective in reaching out and helping to solve the problems of the needy in our community.

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