Temple De Hirsch-Sinai Seattle/Bellevue

Temple De Hirsch Sinai (TDHS) serves a large, diverse, multi-campus Reform Jewish congregation in the greater Seattle area and provides leadership in promoting Jewish ethical and moral concepts. We uphold the traditional values of our historic congregation and strive to create a progressive and contemporary Jewish environment providing worship, education, lifecycle events, community building, and community service opportunities to all of our members.

TDHS values Tikkun Olam, the healing and repairing of the world.  We seek to fully engage the membership of our synagogue in this sacred work through the performance of ma’asim tovim (good deeds). Members of all ages are invited to participate in a variety of social action projects throughout the year.

Reform Judaism finds particular inspiration from the prophets of the Hebrew Bible.  Amos urged us to “Let justice roll down like waters; righteousness like a mighty stream.”  Isaiah and Jeremiah remind us that we must care for impoverished individuals in our midst.  As we inaugurate Abraham’s Tent, our partnership with The Faith and Family Homelessness Project of Seattle University, we are afforded us the opportunity to imbue these words with new meaning and put them into real and tangible action.

Visit Abraham’s Tent to learn more about Temple DeHirsch Sinai’s efforts to end  homelessness!

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