Homeless children and their families are often invisible to the public eye.  Homeless parents are fearful that they will lose their children, forced to shelter their children in motels or “doubled up” with others. Unaccompanied homeless youth often find shelter outside of the system, putting themselves in dangerous situations. The result is that thousands of children in Washington State are living in unsafe situations –  leading to physical abuse, health problems, mental health problems, hunger, and educational deficits.

HR 32 is bi-partisan legislation that would make it easier for homeless children, youth, and families to receive homeless assistance, no matter where they happen to be living. The site includes:

  • Direct testimonials from children, youth, and parents
  • A list of national endorsing organizations
  • Support statements from local service providers and school district liaisons
  • A SparkAction alert to let you – and your partners, family, and friends – send a direct message to U.S. Representatives urging their support of HR 32

 You can help! Go to  www.helphomelesskidsnow.org/take-action/