What happens now? Who should I call? Where do we turn? WHERE DO WE GO???

Up until recently, families who lost their homes were thrust into a very complicated emergency shelter and services system that placed the burden of coordination on the very people it was designed to serve. I’ve heard over and over from parents who have spent hours upon hours calling shelters only to find out that those shelters were full – and don’t maintain a waiting list. The “shelter lottery” is not only unfair, it is cruel.

King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties are tackling this problem head-on through comprehensive changes to the way homeless and at-risk families get help, shifting the burden of coordination to systems “entry” points like emergency shelters and service providers. Funded by Building Changes through it’s Washington Families Fund (WFF) and by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the “Road Map for Coordinated Entry” describes how local communities are desiging systems that reflect national best practices and service models that most effectively move families from crisis to stability.

To learn more about the steps King, Pierce and Snohomish counties are taking to implementing this important system change, visit http://www.buildingchanges.org/images/documents/library/2012%20Roadmap%20for%20Coordinated%20Entry.pdf


  1. This looks like a wonderful project and we know from our ministry work with homeless community it is much needed! Thank you! Pastor Paula McCutcheon
    Ronald UMC Shoreline

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