By Mary Stanton-Nurse, Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry Graduate Research Assistant, Faith & Family Homelessness Project 

Mary and her husband Andrew

It has taken almost ten years from the formation of the Homeless Remembrance Project Committee to the dedication of the “Tree of Life” at Victor Steinbrueck Park on October 21st. Through several iterations, planned designs, and preferred locations, the Place of Remembrance has always been about honoring and remembering those who have died while homeless.

The “Tree of Life” is a central location which ties together the “Leaves of Remembrance” installed throughout the city, with leaves cut out of the sculpture to reflect the missing pieces, the missing people. (Read more about the project at

Participating in the dedication yesterday was a beautiful experience. We gathered around the Tree of Life, held hands, and dedicated it jointly to the memory of those who have passed from this life and to the hope for a future where no person lives or dies without a place to call home.

So next time you are visiting Pike Place Market, take a few minutes to visit the Tree of Life, and remember.

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