By Lisa Gustaveson, Program Manager Faith & Family Homelessness Project 

The forecast for the day was “iffy” – showers with sun-breaks. The crowd of long-time homeless advocates and those men and women who were either experiencing homelessness – or who had weathered the storm of homelessness – gathered at Victor Steinbueck Park at Pike Place Market in Seattle knowing that a little rain would never stop this celebration from happening. The Homeless Remembrance Project‘s Tree of Life Dedication & Celebration marked the end of an almost 10 year journey to establish a place that we can remember and honor people who have died while homeless in King County.

Indeed, the space created feels special. My daughter and I snuggled together on the small wall that surrounds the tree, feeling the presence of those who are represented on the cut-out leave images that grace the tree. We talked about how it must feel to walk the streets of our cities alone, and  pass from this life without the comfort of a bed and a pillow.

Yesterday’s dedication offered more than hope. Looking around the circle of men, women and children who held hands and sang “We Shall Overcome”, I sensed a renewed commitment to ending homelessness. Truly, it’s time to put aside the things that divide and fix the system that leaves our brothers and sisters alone at their final hour. 

We shall overcome… We shall overcome… We shall overcome some day

To see more images from the day visit : A project firmly planted | Picture This | The Seattle Times.

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  1. What a wonderful event and a terrific project. Thanks from the entire community.

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