Beautiful Post from our “sister” Blog – Faith & Values in the Public Square.

It was interesting to me to think about Jesus in this context, as so many of our homeless children fit this description; “homeless and in exile as an infant, a fugitive from the law as a child, returning to his home culture as the target of scandal, growing up in the bad part of town (Can anything good come from Nazareth? John 1:46)”

If the holy family came to our door, we would never leave them out in the cold. If that’s so, then we should be doing everything we can to bring families INTO shelters TODAY.
(Hint: watch for our upcoming story next week about a 21st Century Nativity scene presented by a community determined to end family homelessness).

Faith and Values in the Public Square

by Morf Morford

It doesn’t seem that much to ask. With all the passion, energy and hype around Christmas, you’d think there would be some interest in refining our focus on what we were really celebrating.

Frenzied shopping, TV specials and holiday events seem to grab all the headlines and soak up all of our available time and energy.

Christmas has become unbelievably complicated, but my personal bias is that anything that leaves us exhausted and irritable is contrary to the spirit of Christmas.

And then there are those who rouse our passions about a “War on Christmas”.

I found this tedious last year, and the year before, and the year before…

The real “War on Christmas” was fought – and lost – over a generation ago with the flood of corporate entertainment and distractions from the Coca-Cola themed Santa Claus to the endless feel-good Christmas movies and TV specials…

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