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Poverty immersion workshop kickoff

This past Saturday, March 15th, 2014, Puyallup Church of the Nazarene, a partner of SU’s Faith & Family Homelessness Project, hosted their second annual Conference on Family Homelessness. The conference consisted of two parts: a 3-hour Poverty Immersion Workshop in the morning, and a presentation on and call to participate in the church’s new WrapUp Ministry in the afternoon.

This was the Faith & Family Homelessness Project’s third time facilitating the Poverty Immersion Workshop, a powerful experiential learning activity that allows participants of all backgrounds to experience some of the struggles facing low-income individuals & families over the course of a simulated month. After two hours of waiting in line, struggling to pay bills, feed their families and make ends meet, participants were left feeling angry, frustrated and fired-up to go out and translate the experience into action and partnership for change in their community.

In the afternoon, PNC’s Pastor David Rodes and Bill Bowers of the One Another Foundation spoke about the Christian call to ministry and accompaniment with the poor and homeless. Sheryl Ice  of PNC’s WrapUp Ministry and Duke Paulson of Helping Hand House then spoke about the distinct role the church community can play in supporting and ‘wrapping around’ homeless families in Puyallup in partnership with local service providers as part of PNC’s new WrapUp ministry.

 All in all, a great day of learning and sharing about poverty and homelessness, culminating in a faith community’s commitment to fulfill its Christian calling by working to end family homelessness.

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