We love our colleagues at Seattle U’s Project on Family Homelessness. In the piece below, Krista Kent, new Digital Design Assistant for PFH, tells us all about how cool SKKCH’s Project Cool really is! She speaks to the power of community, of volunteering as a way to engage more deeply with your community, and points to the great need of the more than 6,000 homeless school-aged children in King County. Read on to learn more (and check out the “What you can do” box at the end for ideas of how to take action now)!

By Krista Kent, Digital Design Assistant, Seattle University Project on Family Homelessness and senior at Seattle U

crayola-markers-164895a8e3f12fa0[1]As a child I always loved buying new school supplies, and there was perhaps nothing better than a brand-new case of Crayola markers. Having worked in a first-grade classroom this past year, I have seen that students are still excited to have new supplies. But for families who can’t afford to buy supplies, local supply drives play an important role in the community.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in Project Cool for Back to School, which gathers supplies and creates backpacks for local school-aged children who are homeless. Volunteers came together at Columbia City Church of Hope earlier this month to help assemble and pack backpacks full of school supplies and dental kits.

Presented by the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness, Project Cool prepared more than 1,300 backpacks with the help of 130 volunteers over the course of five days. The backpacks will be distributed to nonprofit organizations in August, just in time to get them to students all over King County.

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