This page contains some of the key takeaways and resources from the August 2014 event, as well as links to presentations that were given as part of the workshops.

Did you miss the event? Here’s a copy of the powerpoint presentation: PPT Best & Promising Practices in Faith Based Solutions

Best and Promising Practices in Faith-Based Solutions to Ending Family Homelessness_Seattle University
Over 100 service providers, policymakers, funders and faith community leaders gathered at Seattle University on 8/20/14

The evening’s conversation was guided by four key questions:

Four Questions about Family Homelessness for Faith Communities and their partners

  Some of the key take aways from the small group discussions include:
  1. Relationships are important.
  2. Communication is important.
  3. Faith communities have an important role in providing social support and wrap around services to struggling families.
  4. Faith communities can pick up where social services leave off.
  5. Faith communities must refrain from trying to convert families living with homelessness. This is especially important when working with non-profits.
  6. Consider using non-jargon, religious terms with faith communities, and business terms with non-profits.(example: Covenant versus contract)

Below are more details about the presentations, with links and additional resources from the event:

Want to see more? Visit to see all three of the videos.

Workshop: Housing Programs

Bill Raser of Snohomish Affordable Housing Group: A Different Solution to Creating Affordable Housing reduced – Faith Based 8-20-14

Kevin Hunter of Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County: Habitat SKC General Presentation-Neighborhood Revitalization for 8-20

Workshop: Faith Based Solutions

PPT Best & Promising Practices in Faith Based Solutions Collaborations Slide


How Many Families are HomelessPPT Best & Promising Practices in Faith Based Solutions Covenant of Mutual CareHomeless to Renter Program


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