Our December 7th event offered more than 80 congregation members a chance to talk one-on-one with people of faith who’ve removed barriers to effectively serve people in need of housing. During the gathering two sessions were held, with six work groups to choose from. Each work group was provided a facilitator, note taker and, most importantly, one or more individuals who could answer questions and offer suggestions.

Check out our new video detailing the event, with perspectives and reflections from the attendees:

Filmed and produced by True Bearing Productions

The workshop notes are complete! You can find them in each workshop page below. 

Workshops Included: (click on each link to view the workshop page)

2015 Legislative Session: What You Need to Know

Funding for critical housing and homeless services will surely be in jeopardy as legislators tackle a tough budget scenario due to reduced revenues, increased need and the implementation of the McCleary decision. Staff from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance will brief participants on ways faith communities can stay on top of critical legislation, including tips on the best way to connect with elected officials during the session.

Leveraging Congregation Assets to Create Housing

Congregations can offer time, talent AND treasure in local efforts to create affordable housing for families experiencing homelessness. This workshop will explore the different ways congregations can take the next step through conversation with people who have made it happen.

One Home Landlord Campaign: Faith Community Responses

In King County more than 1,000 people have what they need to put homelessness firmly behind them – money for rent, and support from service providers. Pierce and Snohomish Counties also are facing a rental housing shortage.

Unfortunately, many homeless families are not able to find units to rent in this highly competitive market. This workshop will introduce incentives, protections and services that are available, at no cost to landlords who rent to formerly homeless families. In addition, we brainstorm ways faith communities can recruit landlords from within their congregations.

Faith Based Emergency Responses: Shelter, Safe Parking and others

Every day many congregations are faced with turning people in need of financial assistance, shelter, food, clothing away. Bring your questions and concerns, and hear about local efforts to support faith based responses including shelter and safe parking.

Building Effective Faith-based Networks

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Meade

This workshop will give participants an opportunity to hear from local individuals who have experience bringing together groups of people to move their community forward in efforts to end family homelessness.

Companionship: Practicing Active Listening and Presence

For many of us, the first time we encounter a homeless family we are nervous. We worry we’ll say or do the wrong thing.

This workshop will give you a chance to begin to understand the challenges faced by homeless families and individuals. It will also offer an opportunity to hear from several caring people who practice companionship and the ministry of presence every day.

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