For many of us, the first time we encounter a homeless family we are nervous. We worry we’ll say or do the wrong thing.

This workshop will give you a chance to begin to understand the challenges faced by homeless families and individuals. It will also offer an opportunity to hear from several caring people who practice companionship and the ministry of presence every day.

Guests include:

Rick Reynolds, Operation Nightwatch (Facilitator)

Kae Eaton, Mental Health Chaplaincy

Jan Bolerjack, Riverton UMC

Larry Clum, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission

Workshop Notes Found Here: Companionship Practicing Active Listening and Presence Notes

Workshop Materials:

About Operation Nightwatch:

Mental Health Chaplaincy: Companionship The Mental Health Chaplaincy is an ecumenical ministry of presence to our neighbors in Seattle, especially those living in vulnerability of isolation, homelessness, mental illness, addictions, and trauma.Our work is rooted in the model of companionship, where we share the journey side-by-side with those experiencing distress. Companions do not fix problems, or tell a person what to do. Companions remain with a person in the midst of mental illness, social isolation, and distress, bearing witness to the full dignity and story of the person experiencing these things.

In service of fostering companionship in Seattle, we focus our work on three areas: Companioning Presence, Spiritual Support, and Education (Click each for more information).

About: Riverton United Methodist Church A Christ-centered ministry with more personality than a circus. Riverton Park United Methodist Church is an active, vibrant community of people from diverse backgrounds who strive together to lead lives faithful to Jesus Christ. While hosting a large Food Bank, offering a weekly community meal, providing garden plot land, housing homeless families, worshiping, and welcoming the stranger – we continue to build relationships, deepen our faith, and challenge the systems of injustice that exist in our world. All are welcomed.



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