In King County more than 1,000 people have what they need to put homelessness firmly behind them – money for rent, and support from service providers. Pierce and Snohomish Counties also are facing a rental housing shortage.

Unfortunately, many homeless families are not able to find units to rent in this highly competitive market. This workshop will introduce incentives, protections and services that are available, at no cost to landlords who rent to formerly homeless families. In addition, we brainstorm ways faith communities can recruit landlords from within their congregations.

Guests include:

Michelle Valdez  Committee to End Homelessness in King County and the One Home campaign

Emily Harris-Shears, Program Director Coordinated Access and Rapid Rehousing Catholic Community Services

Linda Olsen, Housing Program Coordinator Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Shannon Thomas, Housing Case Manager, King County Drug Court

Mona Tschurwald, Director, Homeless Initiatives YWCA

Larry Todd, Housing Specialist YWCA Landlord Liaison Program

Workshop Notes Found Here: One Home Landlord Campaign Faith Community Responses Notes

Workshop Materials:

The article below, which appeared in the Times on Saturday, discusses how the One Home campaign is building on the model and successes of the Landlord Liaison Project (LLP), a program that supports landlords willing to rent to tenants with high barriers.

Seattle Times OneHomeKC

KCTS recently produced this piece on the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness and the One Home Campaign.


Landlord Liaison Project

The King County Landlord Liaison Project (LLP) is a partnership among landlords and property managers, participating service providers, and people with barriers to accessing housing.  The goal of LLP is to successfully house homeless individuals and families who could not otherwise access housing due to rental barriers.  Participating landlords agree to apply alternative screening criteria to applicants referred for housing through this program.  In exchange, participating agencies will provide continuing support services to LLP tenants and will rapidly respond to landlords’ concerns.  These services ensure that tenants and landlords receive support and assistance to sustain thriving tenancies and communities.

Learn more here!

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