Homeless to Renter (H2R) is a King County partnership between Temple Beth Am and Jewish Family Service that covers move-in costs (e.g. first/last months’ rent and deposit) for homeless families who would otherwise not be able to come up with the funds in order to get into housing.

What do we love about H2R?

  • Strong partnerships between the congregation and service provider.
  • It’s easy to manage – funds collected by the congregation go directly to families in need.
  • Opportunities to engage the entire congregation.

Learn more about H2R!

  1. Watch the video to learn more about the program
  2. Visit the H2R website
  3. If it’s a good fit for your congregation, download the How to Get Started document.
  4. Use the H2R Kick Off materials to energize your congregation

H2R: How to Get Started (Materials)

Click on the links below to download a Microsoft Word or PDF version of each document. Feel free to print and modify or add to these materials as makes sense for your congregation!


Assessment-Tool-for-Faith-Communities-button          Sample-perception-survey-button

H2R-Kick-Off-Plan-button           What-do-you-know-about-homelessness-button

What-do-you-know-about-homelessness-(answers)-button           Family-Homelessness-Fact-Sheet-2015-button

Child-Homelessness-and-Toxic-Stress-button           Sample-H2R-Brochure-button

H2R-blog-post-button           Infographic---H2R-From-Discernment-to-Action button

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