Seattle University’s Couples and Family Therapy: an Interfaith, Spiritually-Integrated Program is conducting qualitative research that explores the intersections of faith and family therapy theory. The study seeks participants who have advanced knowledge of their faith tradition and/or spiritual practice.  “Advanced knowledge” is loosely defined — faith community leaders, scholars, advanced practitioners, and/or those who have formal or informal education/training. Below is a link to a survey that includes a few demographic questions, a brief description of a few models of couples and family therapy, and several open-ended questions regarding the commonalities and differences between your faith traditions/spiritual practice and family therapy theory. If you yourself meet this description, we would love your participation. Please feel free to forward the link to others who are a good fit (additional description below link):

A few notes about the survey:

You may take the survey anonymously or by giving your contact information.  If you give your contact information, you will have an opportunity to read a manuscript of the analysis in order to provide feedback. To date, there is nothing within the literature that addresses family systems theories from an interfaith perspective. The research team believes this work has the potential to help form therapists who can ethically and competently infuse clients’ spirituality and belief systems into their clinical work. Aggregate data will be used in publications, seminars, and to inform teaching practices in couples and family therapy.

The researchers encourage you to finish the survey in one sitting.   If you stop, you will have 2 weeks to complete your answers.  Your participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw your consent to participate at any time without penalty.  The survey could take up to an hour, depending on the length of your answers.

Seattle University has determined that this project is exempt from IRB review.

Thank you for your time and involvement.  The research team hopes the process of reading about and engaging with family systems theories in light of your faith traditions/practice will be an enriching experience.

Please contact Dr. Christie Eppler (contact information provided below) with questions regarding the survey.


Christie Eppler, Ph.D., Rebecca Cobb, Ph.D., and Nicole Chilivis, M.Div.

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